Scott Renkes, Chairman of Board, CEO:

As a circus performer and engineer, Scott brings a unique perspective to problem solving. Using his diverse experiences and an interdisciplinary approach, Scott strives to develop technological solutions based on human and environmental needs instead of profit-driven market forces. Always thinking creatively about problems and solutions, Scott quit his job in the defense industry and joined forces with several skilled colleagues in order to improve the way people live.

Benjamin Hua, Board Member, Chief Engineer:

Working in the areas of engineering and industrial design, Ben places importance on function first; form interworked back and forth, for solutions that augment human life with technology, both cognitive and kinetic. Ben lives by the principle that solutions should not be barred by exclusivity of intellectual use, which works well with Valhalla's mission. Ben brings along experience as an electrical engineer, manufacturing experiences in woodworking, and understanding of the human body through acrobatic arts.

Adam Kuppersmith, Board Member, Public Relations:

As an educator in Southern California, Adam brings a unique perspective to artificial intelligence design, as well as a "hands on" view to the real needs of technology in America. Having taught only in South Central, Adam is painfully aware that the technologies and solutions available to the middle class are simply not available to everyone. In his role in public relations for Valhalla, he seeks to bridge this gap.

David Renkes, Board Member, Secretary:

David's experience as a senior architect and engineer provides a font of knowledge about infrastructure development. This knowledge is used in the design of the Seed Factory, and his small business experience has helped grow our organization. David's business management experience keenly drives Valhalla's operations.

Peter Flanner, Member, Project Looking Glass:

Pete has a passion for logic. He has been solving problems with computers ever since he first got his hands on a computer in the early 90s. A polyglot programmer, he uses knowledge of many programming languages and technologies to devise the best solution to the problem.

Courtney Vanous, Member

As a former state and now city employee, Courtney has a successful track record for effectively enforcing environmental regulations. She currently consults with Valhalla to ensure project designs are environmentally sound and that Valhalla’s projects meet federal, state, and local environmental requirements.

Troy MacDonald, Member

Troy has always been one to push buttons and take things apart. Over the last few years, he has developed a love for microcontrollers, do-it-yourself electronics, and has become enchanted with the Open Source and Maker communities. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and a creative drive, he thrives on finding out-of-the-box solutions to problems.

Rohan Panaparambil, Intern:

Rohan is an incoming senior at Coppell High School. He began working for Valhalla as an intern in the summer of 2014. Through his experience, he hopes to gain a better understanding of what it is like to perform research at the highest level, an understanding he can take into college and his own career. Aside from his involvement with Valhalla, Rohan is a member of the school Academic Decathlon team, and is an All-State level clarinet player.