About Valhalla:

Valhalla Research and Development was conceived as a "think tank" style organization with the idea of bringing together intellectuals with diverse backgrounds to address real world problems. Valhalla will address these problems by developing technical solutions that incorporate innovative ways of integrating resources and technology to benefit the average person rather than corporations.

Too often, the field of technology grows in a direction determined by the free market. The "invisible hand" of the economy often governs solutions, which can result in failing to solve the actual problem or only solving the problems that are profitable. Valhalla was envisioned as a response to that mentality. It is a technical solutions group that is not ruled by economic force, but rather humanistic demands.

It could be asserted that if "humanistic demands" were really so prevalent, a for-profit company could turn a profit from meeting that demand. If that were true, the Law of Congestion would have already been applied to traffic management algorithms in a dynamic fashion, and you, the end user of streets and freeways, would be in bumper-to-bumper traffic far less often. The existing technology is good enough, and even though a demand exists to improve traffic technologies, there isn't a financially-driven demand. It's a small "quality of life" demand that we all take for granted. And that is just a minor example.

From recycling to prosthetics, from the mind-brain interface of technology to more efficient systems management, there are volumes of "problems" in the modern world that have novel solutions. Some are high tech, some are unique uses of off-the-shelf products, and still others are startlingly "low tech," but involve a radical paradigm shift in thought. The intention of bringing that sort of Promethean Fire to problem solving, without being slave to the balance sheet, is where Valhalla was born.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to solve the problems of the world by finding optimal solutions and making them available to advance the general knowledge of the world.


To that end, the company adheres to the following principles: